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Tummy Tuck Complications & Recovery

Complications & Recovery

Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time, as well as limit the risk of complications. As the body recuperates, the patient can expect some swelling, pain, and discomfort. Medication will be prescribed to relieve any pain caused by the procedure.  

The stitches will be removed about 10-14 days after the surgery, depending on the procedure(s) involved. Normal activities can generally be resumed within two weeks. It may take up more time for the body to completely adapt to the new abdominal configuration. With proper diet and exercise, the striking results of the surgery will be long lasting. Usually patients need at least a week or two away from work, but this will be discussed with Dr. Sacks, at his Phoenix office, during the FREE consultation.

Some complications after a tummy tuck include:

Swelling is temporary and will go away progressively over a few weeks. Because of gravity, swelling does tend to accumulate in the lower abdomen for a while (weeks).

Bruising is minimized by taking an ancient herbal remedy and by ceasing any blood thinning supplements/medications about two weeks before surgery.

Pain will be alleviated by taking pain medication prescribed by Dr. Sacks and should only be significant for a few days.

Scars will be in the groin area and over the top of the pubic hair. These can be covered with a bikini. There may also be a scar around the belly-button (umbilicus), which usually is insignificant and heals well.

Infection is very unusual. The patient is placed on an antibiotic starting the day before surgery until about a week after the surgery. This, together with the care taken for the surgery, allows for an almost zero infection rate.

Tightness may exist for a few weeks as indeed both the muscle and the skin have been tightened by the Tummy Tuck surgery, but after some weeks this feels normal again.

Results may vary.

Prices of Tummy Tuck in Phoenix

Because there are different types of abdominoplasties, an exact cost cannot be given until the patient has spoken to and been examined by Dr. Sacks in Phoenix, Arizona. An average range of costs is from $4500-$6500.

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