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Buttock Enhancement (Brazilian Butt Lift) + Prices


            Left buttock completed             Both sides completed


        Before                         After


        Before                          After

 Buttock Enhancement(Augmentation) by Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) Scottsdale


Certain patients may desire enhancement of the buttock area. This is performed very safely with little risk of complications ( especially compared to buttock implants) by fat transfer of the patient's own fat. Sufficient extra fat must be present to allow removal by liposuction and transfer to the buttock area. The areas from which the fat is taken, will of course be reduced in size and shape-an added benefit!

If possible extra fat is usually taken at the time of the first procedure so that this can be stored for later use if needed. Repeat touch up fat fransfer using the stored fat, is a very simple quick out-patient procedure.

Complications of Buttock enhancement (Brazilian Butt Lift). 

  • Swelling is usually temporary and aided by cold packs.
  • Bruising may be present but is usually slight and temporary
  • Pain is usually slight and helped by pain medication prescribed by Dr. Sacks
  • Infection is extremely rare as antibiotics will be prescibed by Dr. Sacks with the patient starting these the day before the surgery and continuing for about a week after the surgery
  • Temporary results Occasionally the correction diminshes somewhat after the surgery so Dr. Sacks will  if possible store extra fat taken at the time of surgery and re-inject this into the buttock later.


   Prices of Buttock augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)   Will range from about $5500 upwards depending on the areas that require liposuction in order to provide sufficient fat for the procedure.


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