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Labia Majora enhancement

The outer lips of the vaginal opening, called the Labia Majora,  sometimes need a surgical procedure done to change the appearance. This might be enhancement in the form of "fillers" such as Juvederm which would be temporary or fat which would last longer. These methods are used when the area becomes less full and looks "deflated" or wrinkled or the patient just prefers  the outer lips to be larger. Fat obtained from liposuction of another area of the body is the preferred method of enhancement.

On the other hand, there may be excessive skin in the outer lip area which the patient wants removed and this skin would be removed surgically with a fairly unnoticeable scar. Sometimes this skin removal would be combined with fat transfer to rejuvenate this area.

Another area sometimes needing change is the pubic area. Some patients need fat transfer to this area as they may have lost fat in this area with age and intercourse may become painful with less padding over the bony prominence in this area.

However, in some patients the pubic area has too much fat and bulges in clothing leading to perceived excess prominence of  this area. In these patients, reduction of the prominence is obtained with liposction. (See Mons Pubis rejuvenation)


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