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Labiaplasty Complications and prices




Vaginal Rejuvenation-Labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty is a procedure to reduce excess labial tissue.

 This is the tissue which may protrude outside of the vagina resulting in an unsightly appearance or perhaps even causing uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse.

 Sometimes the area may show in bathing suites or in tight pants.This tissue can be easily removed with surgery resulting in increased confidence and/or comfort in this area. This improved confidence often allows for enhanced enjoyment of those "private moments".

 The surgery is available as an outpatient and after a few hours in our Outpatient Surgery facility at Arizona Cosmetic Surgery, you are on your way home. Closure of the surgery area is accomplished with dissolving sutures so recovery is fast and comfortable.

In order to allow for complete healing it is only neccessary to abstain from sexual intercourse for a short time.

Complications are few and minimal. There is some swelling and bruising of the area which subsides. Occasionally there may be some disruption of the surgical repair (usually due to engaging in activity too early) which requires revision surgery.

Prices: Generally prices range from $3500 to $3750 depending on type of aneshesia chosen

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