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Calf Implants In Phoenix - Arizona Cosmetic Surgery

A calf implant procedure in Phoenix, AZ is very useful when the patient has lower legs that are thinner in the calf area than they like, especially compared to their thigh area or have one leg that is different to the other. These situations may occur naturally or sometimes may have been caused by surgery as a child to correct some ankle or foot problem.

To correct these issues, Dr. Sacks in his Phoenix office, has been successfully using calf implants for many years. He has lectured to other surgeons about his techniques so that more people can benefit from this lesser known procedure.

Calf Augmentation in Phoenix

Through two small incisions at the back of the knee, two shield-shaped implants are inserted over the existing muscle on each leg. This can result in remarkable changes with increased size and symmetry to the legs.

The patient must limit their exercise activity for a while, but can walk around after a few days. All elements of the recovery period will be discussed in detail between the patient and Dr. Sacks.

Complications & Recovery

The patient must take things very easy for a few days and then gradually increase their activity in an orderly and progressive fashion until they are exercising at full capacity. Too much activity too soon can cause shifting of the implant upwards into an uncomfortable position in the knee joint.

Complications with calf implants may include:

Swelling will resolve in a few weeks. Keeping the leg elevated will be very helpful.

Bruising is usually temporary and minimal.

Pain is helped by pain medication prescribed by Dr. Sacks.

Infection is very unusual as patients will have taken antibiotics starting the day before the surgery until about a week after the surgery.

Scarring may be fairly obvious for a few months and then will fade, but will never be invisible.

Skin loss is very rare, but occurs due to excess pressure and/or infection.

Sensation loss or numbness in the skin may occur occasionally.

Results may vary.

Price of Calf Implant in Phoenix

Although there may be specials from time to time, the usual price for calf implants in Phoenix is $5500.

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