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Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Many patients either have naturally healthy unblemished skin of the face or may have undergone Cosmetic Surgery to maintain a youthful appearance. However when you look at their hands, their true age becomes apparent. Reversing the aging process in the hands takes on a multifactorial approach:

First, dry rough skin must be treated with moisturising lotions after the dry skin has been exfoliated mechanically  with treatments like microdermabrasion or chemcally with pealing agents like Obagi peels

Discoloured skin due to sun exposure is treated with bleaching creams and/or laser treatments of the hand.

However even though the surface skin may be smooth and blemish free, the tendons and veins of the hand become more prominent with age as the skin thins and the fat under the skin diminishes. This can be reversed with Hand Rejuvenation at Arizona Cosmetic Surgery.

In this simple outpatient procedure, fat is used to soften the effects of aging by filling in the areas between the veins and tendons and adds a softer more youthful appearance to the hand.

Under local anesthesia and sterile conditions, a small amount of fat is obtained from somewhere on the body-usually the abdomen, and after preparation the fat is injected into the hand.

Of course, if the patient is undergoing liposuction of some body area, then this would be a good time to use that fat for hand rejuvenation.

The improved appearance of the hand may last in some patients for an extended time and usually much longer than some fillers like Restylane or Juvederm.

Helping to make hand rejuvenation more long lasting is thought to be due to stem cells that are present in the fat that was liposuctioned.

Price depends on the type of filler used for the procedure. The range is from $350 to $1000

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