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Correction of Previous Breast Surgery

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Correction of previous breast surgery Scottsdale


With over three decades of experience in Cosmetic Plastic surgery, Dr. Sacks is very experienced in the correction of problems associated with previous surgery.    A FREE consultation with Dr. Sacks will enable you to hear about your options with regard to possible correction of these problems. Many patients come from other States to consult with Dr. Sacks.

Occasionally only scar revision may be neccesary. Sometimes implants may need to be exchanged. For some patients, the pocket containing the implant may need to be revised. The type of implant may need to be changed.  Only the consultation and examination of the problem by Dr. Sacks, will fully allow him to determine the correct  action to be taken and then to give you an idea of the costs envolved.

Please see some examples in the Before and after photographs section.

Prices  will vary depending on the required surgery. Please calll Dr.Sacks office at 602 277-1111

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