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Breast Reduction in Phoenix

When you feel uncomfortable in your own body, it’s hard to do even doing day to day activities. If the size of your breasts is causing severe head, neck, and shoulder pain, Dr. Chasby Sacks provides breast reduction procedures in Phoenix, at Arizona Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Sacks can arrange breast size and position, when pair with a lift procedure, for optimal aesthetics. Ready for a brand new you? Contact Arizona Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. 


Reasons for Considering a Breast Reduction:

  • Back, neck or shoulder pain caused by heavy breasts.
  • Sagging breasts produced by their large size.
  • Disproportionate body frame attributed to oversized breasts.
  • Restriction of physical activity due to the size and weight of the breasts.
  • Painful bra strap marks and/or rashes as a result of large breasts.

Why Breast Reduction? 

Also known as mammoplasty, breast reduction is the surgical removal of excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin in order to achieve your desired body shape and aesthetic. This procedure alleviates pressure and extra weight placed on your back and neck, making it easier to exercise, fit in clothing, and enjoy improvements in general physical comfort.

Your journey to a renewed physique begins with a breast reduction consultation with our Phoenix plastic surgeon. We take the time to understand your wishes and concerns to ensure your expectations are met. It’s important to take a baseline mammogram before and after treatment to have a better idea of the health of surrounding tissues. Dr. Sacks goes through each step in the procedure and ensures that each incision for breast reduction surgery is made to be as inconspicuous as possible when fully healed. 

Breast Reduction and Lift Surgeries in Phoenix

A breast lift is often recommended in conjunction with a reduction procedure. As the breast reduction won’t change positioning of breasts, a lift allows you to achieve not only more comfortable breast size, but a firmer aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

For some women, liposuction is a viable option to reduce their breasts to a comfortable size. However, it’s important to note that this alone will not help in the reshaping of their breasts to a better aesthetic. Reduction mammoplasty, as well as a breast lift, can give you an uplifted, firm, and supple appearance. Breast reduction and lift treatment with Dr. Sacks provides patients with a newly improved bust line and confidence.

What Happens When I Get a Breast Reduction?

Techniques for breast reduction vary, however, the most common procedure at Arizona Cosmetic Surgery involves an incision that circles the areola and then from the areola:

  1. The incision goes down and follows the natural curve under the breast. 
  2. Dr. Sacks then removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin.  
  3. Next, the nipple and areola are re-positioned to a higher position and held in place by stitches.
  4. Very occasionally, liposuction alone can be used to reduce breast size.  

The best procedure will be determined during the initial consultation visit.

Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction results in the quickest body-image changes. Patients are also pleased with the elimination of physical pain caused by large breasts, as well as a better proportioned body, an enhanced appearance, and better fitting clothes.

Results may vary.

Recovery Process

Generally, post-operative recommendations call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and reduce the recovery time.  Sports bras are applied immediately following surgery to aid the healing process and to minimize movement of the breasts.  The specialized surgical bra will need to be worn for several weeks.  Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with surgery.  Any pain can be treated with oral medication.  While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the instructions given before the surgery to every patient by Dr.Sacks.


  • Swelling is temporary and is alleviated by using ice packs
  • Bruising may be present and will usually dissapear after a few weeks
  • Pain is generally modest and in fact some women report immediate relief of the heavy dragging feeling that they have experienced from heavy breasts for years. Pain will be alleviated by pain medication prescribed by Dr. Sacks
  • Numbness may be present in the nipple/areola area or in the skin of the breast itself. This is usually temporary but may take months to return to normal. Occasionally the sensation in the breast may be enhanced by the procedure.
  • Infection is extremely rare as the patient will have started on antibiotics the day prior to the surgery and for about a week after surgery.
  • Scarring can vary a great deal from patient to patient, is usually better in lighter skinned individuals but improves in most people with time. Keloids are thickened raised scars that may occur in darker skinned patients. They may be helped with varios methods.
  • Asymmetry may be slight after surgery but is usually much more obvious before surgery. Every effort is made to make the breasts as even and alike as possible.


The prices for breast reduction may vary with the type of anesthesia chosen.

The prices starts at $8,000

Contact Us for a Breast Reduction Consultation! 

If you suffer from physical pain and diminished self-confidence due to oversized breasts, breast reduction at Arizona Cosmetic Surgery allows you to enjoy what you see in the mirror. Call us today to learn more about our Phoenix breast reduction services and to schedule a FREE consultation with our cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sacks. 



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