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About Eyelid Surgery In Phoenix

One of the first things noticed about a person is their eyes. Eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty) is a corrective procedure that can reduce dark circles or “bags” under the eyes, remove excess wrinkles, and provide a more youthful appearance to the eyes. During the aging process, wrinkles, lines, and puffiness contribute to a tired or aged appearance. The blepharoplasty surgery is often performed in conjunction with other facial procedures such as a facelift or rhinoplasty (nose surgery).


Candidates considering eyelid surgery may exhibit the following:

  • Excess skin and fat in upper eyelids, giving too much fullness or “puffiness.”
  • Dark circles or bags under the eyes.
  • Excessive skin or wrinkles surrounding the eyelids.
  • A tired appearance or puffiness due to inherited factors.
  • Horizontal lines under the eyes.
  • Lines at the side of the eyes, known as “Crow's feet”.

Eyelid surgery generally takes about one to two hours, and at his Phoenix office, Dr. Sacks performs all surgeries under sedation anesthesia. Additional procedures, such as a face-lift, are often performed together with eye-lid surgery.


Eyelid lift in Phoenix

The surgical procedure includes tiny incisions made in the natural contours around the eyes which should leave no visible scarring. Dr. Sacks will usually work on the upper eyelids first to remove any fatty tissue and tighten loose skin. Lower eyelids are completed next to eliminate puffiness and reduce dark circles. In some instances, laser technology may be used to smooth lower eyelid areas.  

Newer techniques may include Botox injections to firm fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers may also be used to enhance the process and fill up defects such as in the crease running from the top/side of the nose and bordering the lower extent of the eyelid. This crease contributes to a tired look as it catches light from above.

Eyelid Surgery Complications & Recovery

Normally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and reduce the recovery time. Patients sometimes report minor discomfort associated with surgery, which can be treated easily with oral medication prescribed by Dr. Chasby Sacks. While complications are rare, patients can minimize the risk for potential problems by carefully following the post-operative directions given after the surgery. The healing process for this procedure is usually a few weeks, however, the benefits are long-lasting. Patients will have a more rested and youthful appearance.

Complications after eyelid surgery may include:

Swelling is minimized by keeping ice compresses on the eyelid area as much as possible. Ice compresses help discomfort and bruising as well.

Bruising lasts about two weeks, but begins fading immediately after surgery. Bruising can be aided by ice compresses, and can be camouflaged using makeup after a few days – as long as makeup is NOT placed on the incisions.

Pain is usually slight and will be aided by the oral pain medication prescribed by Dr. Sacks in Phoenix.

Infection is unlikely and usually limited to a mild infection of the white of the eye, known as conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis will be treated with antibiotic eye drops, ordered by Dr. Sacks, if necessary.

Scars are hidden in natural creases in the eyelids and, even if they appear puffy and red at first, are almost always virtually unnoticeable later.

Drooping of the lower eyelid or ectropion is very unusual under Dr. Sacks’ hands as he will include a procedure to tighten the lower eyelid muscle in any patient who requires it at no extra charge. This weakness of the muscle may be seen with advanced aging.

Tightness in the upper eyelid when trying to close the eyelids will invariably resolve with time and is avoided by the careful measuring of the excess skin to be removed. Dr. Sacks' 30+ years of experience makes this situation extremely unlikely.

Prices of Eyelid lift in Phoenix

The exact price will be determined and given to you at the time of your FREE consultation and will, of course, vary depending on whether upper, lower, or both eyelids are being corrected. Usually the cost of both upper and lower eyelids is about $5000.

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