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There are many different types of fillers. At Arizona Cosmetic Surgery Phoenix, Dr. Sacks Dr. Sacks has found one type of filler - Juvederm (p) to be very useful for his patients. It contains local anesthesia which makes the procedure more comfortable. The latest type of Juvederm has had the molecules altered so that the substance lasts longer.


Using a tiny needle the substance is easily introduced under the skin to smooth and fill wrinkles and facial defects.

Candidates for Juvederm

  • Patients with wrinkles and lines
  • Patients who have lost tissue fullness either from weight loss or age
  • Filling up creases and folds that naturally get worse with time
  • Filling in depressed scars such as occur with acne.

Complications of Juvederm

  • Bruising - slight bruising may be present which will resolve in a few days
  • Insufficient fill - This is easily corrected with another treatment
  • Overfill - If this occurs, it will self correct after a while as the Juvederm is not permanent

Cost / Price of Juvederm in Phoenix

This will be determined after Dr. Sacks has examined and discussed the treatment with you. One syringe (1ml) costs about $650.

Results may vary.

Watch for specials!!!!!!

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